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GeePee Tanks – Africas's No.1 Tank Manufacturer
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Welcome to Geepee Tanks

Africa's Largest Plastic Tanks Manufacturer

Established in 1975. Geepee Tanks.

Built-in Nigeria, For Africa. Plastic Tanks, Tested and Trusted by millions. Geepee.

Trusted by
the people

For over four decades, GEEPEE Tanks have been every household's number one choice when it comes to plastic tanks. We create our products not just to meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations but also to surpass all product offering in the market.

Trusted by

Whether you’re building a vibrant community, a luxury custom home, a high rise hotel, a stadium packed for fans or a sophisticated community or seeking commercial water storage solutions our extensive range of products meet and surpass all needs.


Over Ten Million Homes Trust Geepee


Over Ten Million Homes Trust Geepee

Our Competencies

Quality and Durability

Our products have a proven track record to withstand the test of time and last for several years. All products are tested to ensure no structural or reduction in strength occurs even after years of usage.


Our products are rate food grade and are ideal for potable water. Our products keep water clean, odor free and do not change the quality of water or liquids stored in them.

Readily Available

With four active production facilities across Nigeria, we offer unmatched expeditious delivery time to our partners. We maintain a very healthy level of stock. Saving the time of construction and eliminate project delays

Extremely Easy to Install

Geepee Water Tanks are easy to handle and reduce the overall dead load on any structure. In comparison to metal or concrete tanks, Geepee tanks are extremely easy to install.

No Maintenance

The tanks require no painting, no waterproofing, and no maintenance over their lifetime.


We have products to meet diverse needs, the choice is yours we have products for overhead, on the ground, indoor storage, and transportation applications.


The tanks are available in several capacities from 50 liters to 30,000 liters. We also make custom sizes to meet specific needs.

Single, Double
and Triple Layer products

The tanks are made with the highest grade of materials and are available in single, double and triple layers to meet the needs of our users.

Over 200 Dealers Across Nigeria

Some of our reputable dealers

Our prestigious institutional clients

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Initiatives across all states in Nigeria.

The Geepee team actively involves itself in several CSR initiatives to help the community which makes us who we are. Over a year we participate in hundreds of activations to share all we can with those who need us the most. From water filtration systems, Geepee tanks being installed in villages, we also take an active role in community services where our staff involves itself with educational institutions and aid organizations.

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