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The link between us and our customers

An Impressive range of innovative products and solutions unmatched in the industry drive our success

The Geepee portfolio of water storage solutions offers a wide range of products that meet both the dealer and his customer needs. At Geepee we are always one step ahead in identifying trends and reciprocate market needs with apt products most swiftly and efficiently. Geepee supports its deal networks with not just innovative and comprehensive range of products but also with transfer all product knowledge needed to build a sustainable business. Thanks to multiple locations across Nigeria our teams are available to ensure the highest levels in delivery and performance that drives our dealer business forward. We always see our dealers as an extension of who we are and what we do at Geepee.

Increase Profits, Fueling Growth

We offer:
– Strong and trusting relationship
– Versatile Portfolio of Products from 300ltrs to 30,000ltrs


You achieve:
– Superior Products and highest customer satisfaction
– Flexibility on fulfilling customers varied needs

Product quality and ingenuity

We offer:
– A product portfolio complaint to all standards and regulations
– Delivering quality and experience of dealing distributors for over 40 years


You achieve:
– Highest levels in building customer loyalty and trust
– Increase efficiencies and meet/exceed customer needs

Consumer Centrism

We offer:
– An exhaustive range of products and are open to customized solutions
– Deliver product know-how and technical information


You achieve:
– A broad range of products unmatched by competitors
– Intelligence to deliver customers needs

Let's Create Success Stories. Together.

The market requirements in the water tanks business are diverse based on both market needs and regulations. Partnering with Geepee ensures you have the most experienced and largest producer by your side who understands and delivers on these ever-changing needs.

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