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Trusted for delivering the essence of life to millions of households in Nigeria

Searching for the ideal storage solution for water distribution for buildings and development projects?

We have been the Number 1 choice for builders for over four decades. Being Number 1 makes us responsible to not just quality manufacturing but an integrated approach where we work hand-in-hand with our partners at every stage delivering the best in both product and service stands. Our partners trust us for not just who we are as a brand but believe in what we deliver every day for every project. So no matter what your water storage needs are there is one name that can get it done, Geepee.

A Product for every Project

Geepee Tanks offers the most extensive range of products with versatility that meets the needs of every project. So whether you are building a luxury hotel, a stadium for fans, hospitals, housing estates, water reservoirs, community water projects or you are looking for commercial solutions to meet the needs of Oil, Chemical and water storage requirements we're here to work with you form planning to execution to service delivering merely the best at every step.

A Dedicated Project Team

We understand how a project needs can change over time. Hence at Geepee, we assign a dedicated account manager that works with you from day one and keeps a full record on your project lifecycle. You also have access to our team of technical experts that have decades of experience in delivering water storage solutions across the region.

Reliable delivery & installation

We believe in details done right at every step of a project's lifecycle. That includes on-time, error-free delivery, and installation, no matter how many units or how big or small your product needs are. Even our certified dealers have to go through a rigorous training process to meet our high standards. The consistent result is that you can count on us. After all, we’ve been doing this for over four decades and are the most trusted name in plastic tanks.

Stellar service & maintenance

Our tanks and storage solutions are designed with our expirence of the past and with the future in mind. The products define quality and are built to last the test of time. Even more importantly, we stand by them. So if you ever run into a problem, we work quickly to help you resolve it right away.

Let’s discuss your project

We are here and happy to share our expertise and product know-how with builders across Nigeria. So if you need CAD files, product details, specification sheets, material composition details or anything else? Send us a message, our project team will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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