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Who we are

Trusted for delivering the essence of life to millions of households in Nigeria

Geepee Industries Ltd has come a long way since its inception, 40 years ago.

The company is professionally managed, having the vision of learning and innovation. The company regularly develops & manufactures new products and offers a significant advantage over similar or competing products.

With 4 production facilities across Nigeria we are the only local manufacturer producing tanks above 15,000 ltrs.

We have more than 500 distributors and even more retailers throughout the country to cater the need of every individual. With the latest state of art manufacturing facilities and quality control systems, we offer our customers nothing but the best. We are the company who launched the 30000 Litre water storage tank for the first time in Africa.

We use Rotational molding & Blow molding to create the highest quality tanks found in Nigeria.

Our products range from 500 to 30000 litres, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit into the space available. We own, operate and maintain our own machinery, thus we are able to offer customized water storage solutions to our clients as well.

We employ over 150 professionals and promote multi-cultural co-existence to meet our unified goals.

We consciously integrate multi-cultural teams to form a unified company. We learn from each other's differences and complement each other's distinct skillset. The threads of our corporate culture always bind us strongly together, and it is this bond that aids us in our commitment to attaining our strategic corporate objectives.

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